Department Introduction


The mission of marketing department is to produce skilled and responsible marketing managers with global view and community engagement by combing theory and practice.


Produce skilled and responsible marketing managers with global view and community engagement.

Major Tracks

Strategic Marketing

This domain emphasizes market segmentation, product positioning and strategic planning of choosing target market, following the four Ps of marketing strategy and policy (product, price, promotion and place). The aim is to learn how to achieve the best management procedure between “developing and maintain the goal of the organization” and “recourse and market opportunity.” The curriculum includes Marketing Theory, Service Marketing and Management, and Brand Management and Strategy.

Logistics Management

Taking advantage of the management technology to integrate goods flow, information flow, cash flow, and business flow, logistics, management is concerned how to efficiently produce and distribute the accurate amount of goods to the exact place in the exact time at the lowest cost. The aim is to ensure the best cooperation of every physical distribution and maximize the efficiency of the business and economic benefit so as to satisfy the customers’ demand. The related courses are Decision of Logistics and Marketing. Channel Strategy and Management, and Electronic Commerce and Marketing.

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is the study of individual group, or organization engaging in the process of choosing, acquiring, using and dealing with a product, service, experience or idea and the impacts on consumers and the society. Students learn the techniques and methods of market survey in the related courses so as to understand customers’ acknowledgement, attitudes, motives, choices, decisions, buying and using for the marketing strategy. The related courses are Consumer Behavior Theory and Seminar on Consumer.