Marketing Lab


The marketing media lab can be used for the classes with media content that require recording or live broadcasting for online distribution and special video effects. The lab includes a sound-proofed room for students or research subjects. A control room with a two-way mirror looking into the lab area. The marketing lab is perfect for research ranging from single subject deep interviews, to marketing simulations and group discussions. Lastly, the lab is perfect for both asynchronous and synchronous distance instruction

How to rental Marketing Lab

step1. Watch Professor Warden's videos and finish the quiz.

step2. Submit your proposal to the office of Marketing, NCHU before three weeks at least.

step3. Complete the payment two weeks before using the Marketing Lab.

step4. Using Marketing Lab with Lab Master.

(For more information, please refer to the Regulation of Marketing Lab)

Relevant documents

Regulation of Marketing Lab

Application of Marketing Lab

Fee Schedule of Marketing Lab


When the on-air light is on, it means that somebody is using the lab.
The studio is the space for shooting film. There are video cameras, photography lights, microphones and so on.
We can control all the condition during recording in control room.
The editing computer in control room is to edit videos.

What you can do in Marketing Lab